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07 best places in kumrat valley

These are the  best places in kumrat valley

Kumrat Valley .

Kumrat valley is located in the upper Dir district of KPK. Kumrat valley is situated at distance  of 370km from the capital city Islamabad. The route between Islamabad and Kumrat is via M1(Islamabad, Peshawar Motorway) after this you can use this route Kornal sher khan interchange M16 (Swat Motorway) towards chakdara Kumrat valley is famous tourist destination you can enjoy here a fantastic environment. It is situated at 5100ft from sea level. There are many beautiful tourist point in Pakistan and Kumrat is the one of most beautiful tourist point. The nearest town to the valley is Thal. Kumrat valley is located at distance of 15km from Thal.  Jamia Masjid Thal, Thal village, Lalgha abshar, Kala chasma, Jahaz banda, Kund banda, Dojanga these are the 07 best places in kumrat valley for tourist. The best time to visit Kumrat valley for the summer holidays is during May to September. When the temperature is pleasant between. 16c to 20c Every summer season around a million tourists from different areas of the country. The total distance between babe Kumrat to the main Kumrat road is 78km 3 hours and 47 minutes’ drive. Kumrat valley length is almost 37k kilometers. First route to reach Kumrat is through Timargarha, Dir Upper and second route to is through Kalam(Swat). Distance between the Mingora Swat to Kumrat valley is 156km If you are travel Upper Dir to Kumrat and you want a proper explore all best place of Kumrat valley, then before start the tour you must have visit at Tourist Information Center Dir Upper and meet with Mr. Majid Khan Sb. He is very nice and informative tour guide. I also visit the Kumrat Valley.You will see more customer comments about Kumrat valley at this link (Source).Kumrat valley. I hope when you visit in these best places in kumrat you also fall in love with it. Kumrat valley is the one of best valley in north Pakistan. You can enjoy here beautiful and amazing waterfall. There are a lot of beautiful and tourist spot. There is lush green pine forest, picturesque point, lakes, beautiful large mountains. Kumrat valley is situated at 8500ft.

Kumrat Valley


Thal Village.

Thal is around 45km from Kumrat valley This village at the entrance to Kumrat valley. This beautiful valley is covered with greenery. Thal village is famous for its historic mosque, wooden canals, Thal bazar. These wooden Canals are offer unique and elegant views it is made of wood sheets and pillars.  Thal village is the gate way to Kumrat valley of Upper Dir, Jahaz Banda, Lalgha abshar, Kunduz Banda, and Dojanga. Large number of jeeps are available for traveling of next best places in Kumrat valley. Some famous hotels and resorts like Amman ka hotel, Islamabad view hotel and restaurant Gawri resorts and tourist Facilitation center and available for tourist. Thal village is situated at an elevation of 7840ft from sea level. Thal village is the Basecamp for all tourist who come to visit Kumrat valley. Thal village is also charming and fantastic tourist point.

Thal Village Kumrat


Jamia Masjid Dar-ul-Islam

Jamia Masjid Dar-ul- Islam is located in the last village of Dir Kohistan named ‘Thal’    village. This is the oldest and famous mosque of DIR Kohistan located at the river Panjkora bank. The mosque has two floors. The first floor was constructed in 1999 with sheets of metal, while the ground floor was constructed in 186….

The one part of mosque was damaged due to fire in 1953 and rebuilt by the local community. At that time there were no such equipment available to cut the woods. The local community built it by using axes only. They carved on the wood by using axe that we are amused to see.  These carving includes a circle which is worth mentioning. This circle is also carved on different constructions like old building, tombs and stones located in the area from Dir Kohistan to Gilgilt Baltistan and Pameer. It is incorrect perception that this mosque was built by people of Thal. Whereas the this is a mutual construction by the people of Thal, Kalkot, Lamoti and Kohistan and Dir.

There are three big Pillars of wood in the mosque out of which one was set by people of Thal. While other two were settled by people of Lamoti and Kalkot. While placing these pillars of woods many people martyred. There is no restriction of photography and entry of women. Anyone can enter the mosque and can photograph the mosque. The best time to visit and explore the Kumrat valley is spring and summer.

Jamia Masjid Thal

Kala Chashma.

Kala Chashma is located at a distance about 10km from Kumrat valley. You can enjoy here a  fantastic environment. The water of spring flowing from black stones so that’s why this is called Kala Chasma.Kala Chashma is very amazing and safe place for families. This place is famous for its river flows in between the black mountains. All places are safe for every tourist. Kala Chashma is   comfortable places in these 07 best palces in Kumrat Valley

Kala Chasma

Panjkora River

Panjkhora River passes from Dir, Timargarha and meet at Chakdra with Swat River. This River length is 220km.Panjkora River is so beautiful rivers. Panjkora River is a river is in KPK province of the northwest of Pakistan. The River provides the freshwater for trout.

Panjkora River

Jahaz banda.

Jahaz banda is the best places in Kumrat valley for trekking. Trekking is the main interest of Jahaz banda. Jahaz banda is 3100m above sea level. Hiking track start from Tiki Banda.  This valley has natural beauty, waterfalls Pine forests and lakes. Average temperature in Jahaz banda is 10c to 15c. The distance of Jahaz banda from the Kumrat valley is about 17.6km. Its covered with snow from October to till May. Camps are available for night stay. Kund banda to Jahaz banda tracking time is 1 to 2 hours. Jahaz Banda waterfall is situated in a very beautiful location. Many tourists came and camping every year. There are large number of tents are available to stay in every best places in Kumrat. Foreigners visit in Kumrat who loves the hiking and rock climbing. There is a small hotels and camps are also available.

Jahaz Banda

Jahaz Bnada Abshar


Dojanga is the last best place in Kumrat . Because this is last point of Kumrat valley. You can easily reach here and enjoy here a fantastic. These are all best places in Kumrat. There are large number of tents are available to stay all these 07 best places in Kumrat valley. All places of Kumrat valley are the most famous places to visit in the Dir District. Wooden bridge available in Dojanga it is to connect the two ends of River for tourist and locals.